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Is it time for you to forgive?

Updated: Feb 16

I know, from personal experience, that forgiveness can be difficult. When someone does us wrong, it can bring up all our feelings. What do we do with those feelings, and how do we forgive the person that brought them up?

Forgiveness isn’t just a word. It is an action and a choice.

When something seems too hard to let go of, we must remember: Jesus has commanded us to forgive because the Father has forgiven us. We should let go of the hurt, bitterness, anger, and resentment out of obedience to God. As an act of faith. We know that we choose to obey His commands when we choose to forgive.

A shift like this will not happen easily or quickly. The more we make an effort to forgive, the better we become at it. If you have something on your heart, someone you need to forgive, pray about it now. Then leave it for God to handle.

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