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Back in February of this year, I experience one of the most difficult times of my life and no one had a clue. I was under major attack and I did not have the strength to talk to anyone about it. The attacks were so bad I felt like I was about to lose my mind! I could not remember my name let alone people names and faces around me. The enemy came in and tried to kill me! I use to scream out from the inside HELP when people would talk to me. Help do you see my pain! I am wearing a MASK I am really not happy HELP! With over a million Facebook followers and weekly Live broadcast, you would think someone would have noticed. MASK ON!!!

One Friday afternoon a phone call from out of state came over it was my pastor(Pastor TJ McBride). He called to check on me keep in mind I never told him anything. He asked me was I OK and I proceeded to cry. How did he know! Was he inside my brain? What is going on! Pastor next question to me was have you been reading your word and spending time with God? I started to think NO, I haven’t been in my word. At that moment I had a breakthrough I was busy trying to save others I was neglecting myself. I was lost with no spiritual food! I was starving and about to die. HELP!!!!! I have a MASK On!!!!

No matter how busy you are DO NOT put God last. You cannot help others if you cannot help yourself. I am thankful I was finally able to take off the MASK that I was hiding behind. As long as I stay in my word the MASK will forever stay locked up.

Please check on your friends you never know that they are wearing a MASK until it’s too late!


Veleka B.

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