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Schedule Time to Rest

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed? You are going through the routines of each day and completing as much as you can. Then, almost without warning, an overwhelming feeling creeps in. It appears as imposter syndrome, saying, "who do you think you are." Or it can appear as guilt when you take time away from your family.

The good thing is that these feelings are not of God. This is the world's view. We hear the message to work hard and hustle so often that even when we take a break, our minds are not resting. We need to break away from those ideas.

The word rest is mentioned multiple times throughout the bible. From the beginning, in the book of Genesis, when the creator rested on the seventh day. Typically, we think of relaxing, sleeping, or taking a break when reading about rest. However, the word rest from the bible means to refresh, be at peace, or ease.

This week, set aside time to rest. Quiet your thoughts and tune into God. You may be surprised at how He shows up when you do.

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