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Tis’ the season to be HAPPY

Psalms 86:4 NLT “Give me happiness, O Lord, for I give myself to you.

As you approach one of the most unsettling, unpredictable and uncertain holiday seasons probably of your life so far remember to breath, be grateful and be happy. How are you suppose be happy you asked with a year like this one? Well, I would say for you to first focus on all the good things this year brought you so far. No matter how big or small the blessing it still counts as God’s goodness and gift to you so be grateful and count it all joy.

Then focus on planning in advance for happy love moments with family and friends. Whether you are attending a virtual or in-person holiday event make an intentional effort to surround yourself with only happy love. You deserve nothing less.

A good hug, a few laughs and lots of genuine talk time and love can go a long way this holiday season.

The last thing I would say to you is to give yourself a break and just breathe. For those of us who have to spend the holiday season alone let’s make the decision to choose being happy and alone instead of lonely. Instead of sitting with your thoughts and reminding yourself this is just another holiday by yourself find something enjoyable for you to do with the time you have alone.

You could start journaling your expectations for next year. This will help protect your happiness as you begin to write and the peace that follows your words will protect your mind so your thoughts don’t become idol and unhealthy.

So, as you choose to practice happiness this holiday season remember the blessings are already yours, the love you deserve is waiting for you to show up and the enjoyment you choose if you have to celebrate alone is up to you. Be grateful, happy and blessed. See you all next year.

✍🏾 Lakell Maxwell

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